dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Racism and Antisemitism: expected a conviction !

Communiqué CTECNA (All Together Against the New Anti-Semitism)
The Court of Appeal of Bordeaux court issued October 22, 2010 in its deliberations during the trial (brought by the BNVCA (National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism) and the association Lawyers Without Borders) filed a habitual offender of anti-Semitic hatred rampant in the French hypermarket. 
For the record, Miss Sakina Arnaud Khimoune born, had already been sentenced in 2005 to a fine of 300 euros by the appeals court in Bordeaux for similar offenses. The court, however, had reclassified the facts "light degradation. On 10 February 2010, the Criminal Court sentenced him to Bordeaux € 1,000 fine, the active and militant member of the LDH (Ligue des Droits de l'Homme), which had received the full support of MRAP (*) had been convicted of "provoking discrimination and racial hatred" conviction upheld on appeal. The woman appealed to the Cassation recalled that the Supreme Court is only interested in shape and miss Sakina Arnaud is and remains an anti-Semite.

Besides inciting racial hatred, miss Arnaud activist LDH had increased the abusive and deceptive proclamations against Israel. Last May, this 54 year old woman was arrested in a supermarket Mérignac trying to affix stickers "Boycott Apartheid Israel." These included a drawing of a wall with watchtower stylized form of a barcode with a red spot. At the hearing on January 13, 2010, the active and militant adherent of the League of Human Rights had received the support of Marie Bové, daughter of José Bové and member of the list for the next European Regional Ecology. The League of Human Rights is headed to Bordeaux by Gerard Baker, head of the Left Front list (there are flush with the front of these anti-Semitic) to regional in March. Tell me who you frequent I'll tell you who you are.
The court ruled that only partially meets our movement. Many other trials are in progress against these "militants", the MRAP, LDH, the PCF, the PS, the NPA, which belong to this ideology Islamo-fascist gaucho-Semitism where doctrine could hardly be perpetuated that 'by renaming; they did! This replacement of "Jewish" by "Zionist" is more than rhetorical, it is revealed that the mutation of the totalitarian Marxist thought. The characteristic of their ideology is to invoke figures'm saying to promote humanistic and cultural interests.
Our group will remain very attentive to what all these leftists are anti-Semitic racist Marxists condemned with the utmost severity and recalls that this fight against anti-Semitism must also be the concern of all advocates of human rights which must redouble vigilance and to respond to the development of racist anti-Semitic hatred unleashed by these true incendiary hatred of the French Communist Party, the League of Human Rights through the "Greens", the "Associations" of Islamists and The ultra left notoriously anti-Semitic actions by firm and vigorous.
At a time when the racist and antisemitic multiplied throughout France, where French and Jewish populations of strain are subject to a flood of hate, this ruling serves as a reminder to the proclamations of hatred that anti-Semitism is not an opinion but a crime.

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Secrétariat CTECNA

 (*)Communiqué du Mrap

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