mardi 20 mars 2012

Iran and Hezbollah behind the attacks in TOULOUSE.

France received threats after collaborating with Israel during the passage of a joint French tanker and two Israeli gunboats by the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea.
US sources said, the attacks that hit France are sponsored by the Iranian mullahs in retaliation for European financial sanctions SWIFT whose case was led by France.

The U.S. also threatened have established a system of protection equivalent to France in anticipation of similar attacks.
A senior security official, terrorist attacks are the work of a sleeper cell of Iran (and Hezbollah).
There would be not one but several terrorist operational similaritieswould be a decoy in preparation for further attacks.

SO WE ARE AT WAR, and no one dares talk about it publicly.

I INVITE YOU ALL to be more vigilant, not to fall into the daily habits, and whatever the place where you live

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